David Sylvian – Sleepwalkers

2LP -


Grönland Records announce a revised, remastered reissue of “Sleepwalkers” by DAVID SYLVIAN. Available as a gatefold 2LP with exclusive art print and as a gatefold digipack CD, this new edition also features the previously unreleased track “Modern Interiors”.

SLEEPWALKERS also spotlights the innovators who contributed to MANAFON and BLEMISH. CHRISTIAN FENNESZ hangs a crackling, shimmering curtain behind the vocal on ‘transit,’ matching his signature mass of sui generis sounds to sylvian’s stately performance. and the title track began with an instrumental handed to SYLVIAN by MARTIN BRANDLMAYR of POLWECHSEL, soon after the first recording session for MANAFON. spite crackles in the gaps between the percussion, and onkyo artists TOSHIMARU NAKAMURA and SACHIKO M set the stage for the scathing lyrics in the chorus.





  • 1. Sleepwalkers
  • 2. Money For All
  • 3. Do You Know Me Now?
  • 4. Angels
  • 5. World Citizen – I Won’t Be Disappointed
  • 6. Five Lines
  • 7. The Day the Earth Stole Heaven
  • 8. Modern Interiors
  • 9. Exit / Delete
  • 10. Pure Genius
  • 11. Wonderful World
  • 12. Transit
  • 13. World Citizen
  • 14. The World is Everything
  • 15. Thermal
  • 16. Sugarfuel
  • 17. Trauma