Golden Earring – Last Blast Of The Century



Limited edition of 1000 on gold vinyl






A1 Just Like Vince Taylor 4:02
A2 Heartbeat 3:33
A3 Another 45 Miles 3:29
A4 Long Blond Animal 4:57
A5 Liquid Soul 5:11
A6 The Fighter 7:40
B1 Hold Me Now 3:59
B2 Gamblers Blues 4:30
B3 Twilight Zone 12:38
B4 Evil Love Chain 5:00
C1 Take My Hand, Close My Eyes 6:03
C2 One Night Without You 4:03
C3 Paradise In Distress 5:45
D1 In A Bad Mood 6:01
D2 Making Love To Yourself 5:10
D3 Whisper In A Crowd 3:59
D4 Going To The Run 4:06
D5 Distant Love 6:21
E1 She Flies On Strange Wings 7:14
E2 Burning Stuntman 6:15
E3 The Devil Made Me Do It 5:29
E4 Johnny Make Believe 4:49
F1 When The Lady Smiles 7:26
F2 Legalize Telepathy 4:21
F3 Radar Love 9:52
F4 I Can’t Sleep Without You 6:45

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