The Police – Around The World

LP + DVD release: 20-05



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Side A:

Walking On The Moon – Live from Kyoto

Deathwish – Live from Kyoto

So Lonely – Live from Kyoto

Can’t Stand Losing You – Live from Kyoto


Side B:

Truth Hits Everybody – Live from Kyoto

Roxanne – Live from Hammersmith

Born In The 50’s – Live from Hong Kong

Message In A Bottle – Live from Hong Kong

Bring On The Night – Live from Hong Kong



Next To You

Walking On The Moon

Born In The 50’s

So Lonely

Man In A Suitcase

Can’t Stand Losing You

Bring On The Night

Canary In A Coalmine

Voices Inside My Head

When The World Is Running Down, You Make The Best Of What’s Still Around

Shadows In The Rain

Don’t Stand So Close To Me

Truth Hits Everybody



Bonus Features:

Complete performances of:

Walking On The Moon (Live from Kyoto)

Next To You (Live from Kyoto)

Message In A Bottle (Live from Hong Kong)

Born In The 50’s (Live from Hong Kong)