Lee “scratch”Perry – Cloak & Dagger

LP - reggae -


Cloak & Dagger is the 1973 studio album by Lee “Scratch The Upsetter” Perry. In that year, as Perry entered a period of heavy dub output, he recorded Cloak And Dagger. This early dub outing is a testament to Perry’s lo-fi mastery as he utilised his four-track soundcraft board, tape delays, phasers, reverb and any other ambient sounds he could get this hands on as an instrument rather than just to record instruments.

Cloak & Dagger is available on black vinyl. The release is packed in a much sought after Rhino (UK) sleeve.


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1. Cloak & Dagger
2. Hail Stone
3. Musical Transplant
4. Liquid Serenade
5. Retail Love
6. Creation
7. Iron Claw
8. Rude Walking
9. Cave Man Skank
10. Pe We Special
11. Sunshine Rock
12. Wakey Wakey